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Dear Stranger


The other day I emptied my pockets and gave what was in them

to a homeless man: some bobby pins, a little bit of loose change,

a few ticket stubs, and a handful of notes written to various strangers.

One of them I found taped to the hood of a car;

it said If you’re reading this, I’m probably…

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I stay up just late enough until I am just exhausted enough that I can fall into my bed and sink into immediate slumber. Because I can’t stand lying in a bed in a dark room alone with just my thoughts for so many hours and hours.
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No matter how much I try to convince myself how bad she is,
A couple ounces of all the good she generated is released into my veins.
I can’t shake her.

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There’s no other way to say that I will always love drae more than anyone.

In spirit space and time,
He has always been.

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Love you
Even when
You make mistakes
& backtrack

Friends love you when
You forget how to love yourself.

I have the best friends.